ZDHC, acronym for Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals, is an international program developed to reduce the hazardous chemicals used in the textile, footwear and tanning sector. It allows you to demonstrate your commitment to the proper management of these substances to minimize the environmental impact.
The project was born in 2011 in response to Greenpeace's Detox campaign, which aims to combat the use of the 11 most harmful chemical groups in the fashion industry. In fact, several studies have highlighted the pollution caused by the textile, tanning and footwear industries.
The goal is to eliminate a number of hazardous chemicals from the entire supply chain. The complete list of restricted substances is summarized in the MRLS (Manufacturing Restricted Substance List) document and periodically updated.
To allow an increasingly transparent exchange of information within the supply chain, the ZDHC Gateway was created, a global database that collects chemicals that comply with the guidelines established by the organization.
Biodermol Ambiente fully shares the organization's objectives, making its mission its own commitment to replace environmentally impacting chemicals with more sustainable alternatives.
Our company, as a supplier of chemical auxiliaries for the tanning industry, is registered with the ZDHC Gateway as a formulator. On the company profile of the platform you can see the list of Biodermol products currently certified according to the ZDHC level 1 standard:

- ANTIRUGA S: sulphide-free amine leveler based on organic nitrogen compounds
- BIODERMOL C3: bating agent for both chrome and vegetable tanned leathers based on ammonium salt and pancreatic enzymes
- BIODERMOL C3/SA: bating agent for both chrome and vegetable tanned leathers based on pancreatic enzymes
- BIODERMOL SPHX: ecological soaking agent based on highly soluble calcium and magnesium salts
- BIODERMOL WPM: enzymatic auxiliary for soaking and liming based on enzymes including hyaluronidase
- BTM OS: iodine salts based bacterial load controller
- DECALCINANTE L2: liquid deliming agent based on organic acids
- LIPOL T1: enzymatic auxiliary for soaking and liming based on enzymes including lipase
- LIPOL T1 SR2: enzymatic degreaser based on enzymes including lipase
- PRODEFAT MS: bio-emulsifier for soaking
- REINVERDENTE GS: enzymatic soaking agent
- SOLV X: buffering mixture with bleaching action

 Soon the list of products will expand further, another step in the direction of an increasingly sustainable future.


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