Enzymatic liming: the research continues, towards an increasingly sustainable tanning

The world of leather tanning knows the problems associated with the use of sulphide used for hair removal. Biodermol Ambiente has long been actively engaged in the research and development of effective solutions for solving this problem.
Already today, with our White Line® technology, we offer tanneries the possibility of significantly reducing the use of agents, up to 0.8% - 0.9% on leather weight, a much reduced quantity compared to the standard.

Research and development activities continue unabated in our laboratories to achieve the ambitious goal of a total elimination of sulphide in the hair removal process, without compromising the quality of the skin obtained.

In the photo you can appreciate the excellent result of one of the tests that are taking place at our Montorso Vicentino laboratory.

In our experience, the goal of sulphide-free liming is achievable only thanks to the application of enzymatic technology already in the soaking phase. For this purpose Biodermol proposes a specific soaking recipe based on some products of the White Line® line that guarantee a relaxed, rehydrated skin, a very clean grain and an already loose hair. The application of White Line® technology therefore provides an excellent starting point for the subsequent phase of both traditional and enzymatic liming.

Achieving these objectives is in line with the principle on which Biodermol Ambiente's business is based, namely the replacement of potentially harmful chemicals with more sustainable enzymatic solutions.


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