HAIR RECOVERY: beamhouse is increasingly sustainable

It is recently concluded a project involving Biodermol Ambiente and TCP Engineering to better close the circle of sustainability in the tanning sector.

White Line is an enzymatic technology successfully used to decrease COD, TKN and sulphides levels through a biological approach in the beamhouse operation. It is a result of a deep activity of research and development that constantly aims to reduce the impact that industrial activities have on the environment.

Our most recent challenge has been recovering the hair safely and with low impact and turn it in a resource instead of a waste.

It is a 2 steps process:

  • Hair recovery thanks to the enzymatic solutions of White Line, formulated by Biodermol Ambiente
  • Hydrolysis of the hair, developed by TCP Engineering, to obtain a liquid fertilizer

With this 2 steps strategy you can obtain a high quality leather, thanks to a sustainable and ecological process, and gain many advantages:

  • COD, TKN and sulphides levels reduction
  • Waste water treatment cost decrease
  • Hair disposal cost spare
  • Transformation of a waste product into a resource, as a fertilizer

Attached below the project presentation and the promising results.


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