RI-LEATHER: SC filter prototype supplied in our application laboratory

10% of the weight of raw hides is made up of the hair, so it is no coincidence that it is a key element and has to be taken into high consideration during the tanning of the hides, both in the process phases and in the treatment of the waste produced.
For years, Biodermol Ambiente has set itself the goal of using White Line® products to achieve more sustainable hair removal. Through the appropriate dosages it is possible to achieve simultaneously important objectives in both environmental and economic terms.
First of all, it is possible to obtain a high quality depilated skin using products that are much more sustainable than the traditional process and that allow to reduce the levels of pollutants (Sulphides, TKN, COD).
Furthermore, they allow to keep the hair in its integrity and this has a double positive effect:
- The hair residues that would normally be dispersed in the water can be filtered and eliminated separately, in order to reduce the levels of COD in the waste water and consequently lower the cost of its treatment.
- The filtered and dried intact hair becomes a by-product that can be used for other industrial processes.
The purchase of this filter prototype is part of the RI-LEATHER project and was made using the POR FESR 2014-2020 funding from the Veneto Region. The grant granted for the project was 68,086.05 euros.
The RI-LEATHER project, which includes this tool, aims to develop products and technologies for the reduction of hazardous and polluting substances, the reuse and recycling of leather processing waste.
The project aims to introduce innovative chemical products and tanning processes, from the depilation / liming phase to the tanning and retanning phase in order to reduce the environmental impact and introduce new eco-sustainable products to the market, aimed at improving creative productions.
The SC-costruzioni meccaniche filter, by virtue of its small size, allows us to carry out more and more tests and experiments in our application laboratory, where it was recently installed.
We can therefore proceed with an extra gear in our constant search for sustainability and the circular economy.
The goal will be not only to reduce, but completely eliminate the amount of sulphides, thanks to enzymatic hair removal.


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