BIPUR is our innovative biotechnological formulation for abating odours, which involves the use of only naturally-derived ingredients: enzymes and microorganisms, which act directly on the malodorous substances, neutralising the molecules responsible for the odour and improving the air quality.

By using BIPUR, supplied via AIRNEW air treatment systems, you can intervene in various fields of application to resolve the root problems linked to bad odours that disturb businesses and communities.

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BIPUR is a product for abating odours, suitable for various fields of application, for both industrial and professional use:
- Waste Sector
- Industry and Manufacturing
- Community

To ensure a constant and even supply of BIPUR, Biodermol has developed AIRNEW, a new line of air treatment systems and for treatment atmospheric emissions.
The AIRNEW line comprises standard systems or those made to measure according to needs.


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